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February 12, 2012

V8 Supercars

Todd Kelly has capped a massive week for Kelly Racing with fourth fastest at the V8 Supercars Championship pre-season test day at Sandown International Raceway in Melbourne, Victoria today.

Kelly put his #7 Jack Daniel’s Commodore in the top group on the time sheets in the latter stages of the day, which was held in front of a healthy crowd of fans despite intermittent rain throughout.

Rick Kelly ended the day in 23rd place on the time sheets, opting to use hard compound tyres today in preparation for the Sandown 500 at the same circuit this September, an event where only hard tyres will be used.

New signing Karl Reindler spent today getting acclimatised to his #11 Fair Dinkum Sheds Commodore, his first serious hit-out with the Kelly Racing operation seeing him 24th fastest, while Greg Murphy was in 27th position, again as a result of tyres used today.

The 2012 V8 Supercars Championship kicks off at the Adelaide Parklands street circuit on March 1-4 with the Clipsal 500.

TODD KELLY – #7 Jack Daniel’s Holden Commodore:

“There is a fair bit of stuff that we have done over the break that we are trying to get through with all the cars today,” said Todd Kelly.

“We lost a little bit of time in the morning trying to get a consistent, dry track so there has been a heap of stuff to do this afternoon.

“It’s been an amazing day. The amount of people has blown me away. Driving out of pit lane and up the straight, it looks almost identical to a race meeting with the amount of fans here.

“It’s been a good day and it’s great that all of the fans can gather around and see what a test day is like for us.

“I felt really comfortable in the car and the set-up that the guys have put in it has been a bit different to what I had here at the race meeting and my Jack Daniel’s Commodore feels really good.

“I think our engineers have made a few little improvements over the break. Once we get to Clipsal and we are all on the same tyres at the same time we will see exactly where it puts us.

“But it certainly feels like a good car.” 

RICK KELLY – #15 Jack Daniel’s Holden Commodore:

“Today is very much about trying to make a good step forward,” said Rick Kelly.

“All four of our cars have got a lot of test items to get through, which the team have developed over the last six months.

“Today is a great opportunity to test new components. It’s also the last time we are going to do laps around this track before the Sandown 500 here in September, so I’ve been spending some time with that in mind as well.

“It’s massively exciting for me today because it’s my first time on track with my new engineer Alex (Somerset). It’s been a great day and I’ve really, really enjoyed working with him so far. We’ve hit it off really well and with that in mind I can’t wait to get to Clipsal over in Adelaide in a few weeks.

“When we were here last year one day we won when it was wet and the next day was dry and we ran on soft tyres. So it’s not very comparable with what we are doing here at the moment. We are doing all our testing on hard tyres with my #15 Jack Daniel’s Commodore because that is what we are going to be running here in September.

“We’ve been busily working away with that trying to improve the car on hard tyres.” 

GREG MURPHY – #51 Pepsi Max Holden Commodore:

“This day, the same as last year when it was at Eastern Creek last year, is fantastic,” said Greg Murphy.

“It’s a great way to go about testing and to open it up to the fans. Sandown is an easy track for fans to get to and I think it worked so well at Eastern Creek last year and it’s worked well again because there were a lot of people here today.

“For us it was handy because it’s just round down the road from the Kelly Racing workshop. We were going to be testing sooner or later anyway, so to have a series test together with everybody is a great concept.

“It’s just like any other test day. We are doing the same things, we have a test plan in place that we are trying to work through. The weather has not helped that one bit though.

“We have run a bunch of stuff from our list of things to do to try to improve my Pepsi Max Commodore and all four cars overall.

“Today is just like any other test day other than the fact that every other car is here and we have a lot of fans here watching.”

KARL REINDLER – #11 Fair Dinkum Sheds Holden Commodore:

“It’s been a big learning curve today,” said Karl Reindler.

“I’m working to get used to this car, which is new for me. It’s very different to the car I had last year.

“We haven’t really thrown any decent tyres at it at all, we’ve been running around on very average tyres.

“The bug thing is building relationships with everyone in the team, especially my new engineer Mathieu.

“We’ve been trying things on the car and finding out how it reacts and responds. It was a very productive day and we learned a huge amount about the Fair Dinkum Sheds Commodore.”


“Here at Sandown it’s the first day we’ve been around the fans and great supporters of V8 Supercars since the Nissan announcement,” said Rick Kelly.

“It’s amazing how positive the feedback is. Everybody is definitely re-energised and enthused about Nissan coming into the sport and the future of V8 Supercars.

“For us that’s absolutely outstanding. Obviously for the planning of the Nissan announcement we were always concerned would react and we’ve been absolutely blown away with the positive feedback we’ve had from everyone.

“I think it’s definitely re-energised the category and I can’t wait to roll out for next year. But first we have a very, very big job to do this year and that starts here today at Sandown.”


“I honestly didn’t know what to expect coming to the track today,” said Todd Kelly.

“I was prepared for everything. I couldn’t be more surprised and impressed with how the fans have been.

“When we did autographs on the pit straight there were thousands of people out there and I did not get one negative comment then or throughout the day at anytime, so it’s been an amazing response.”

RESULTS: Sandown Test Day

1. #6 Will Davison 1:09.3230
2. #888 Craig Lowndes 1:09.5588
3. #4 Lee Holdsworth 1:09.5796
4. #7 Todd Kelly 1:09.8234
5. #19 Jonothan Webb 1:09.8576
6. #2 Garth Tander 1:09.9376
7. #47 Tim Slade 1:09.9790
8. #5 Mark Winterbottom 1:09.9871
9. #49 Steve Owen 1:10.0505
10. #91 Michael Patrizi 1:10.0736
23. #15 Rick Kelly 1:10.8320
24. #11 Karl Reindler 1:10.8760
27. #51 Greg Murphy 1:11.1664

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