Travelling to a F1 or MotoGP race? You need intentsGP!

July 28, 2011

Formula 1, MotoGP

Earlier in the year we spoke with Len from intentsGP about their camping trips to motor racing events across Europe. If you’re planning a trip to the race track, then this is for you!

Q. We last spoke to you in April so what’s been happening since then?

A. We have run three events so far this season: the Silverstone MotoGP, the Assen MotoGP and the British F1 Grand Prix .

Q. How did things go there?

A. The two MotoGPs were very good. We would have liked a few more people there but we did notice that everywhere was quieter than last year. The customers we had were great though. Two really nice groups of people and it was a pleasure to meet them.

Q. What about the Grand Prix?

A. That was superb. We had a fantastic time there. It went really well and we got some brilliant  feedback from everyone. We had to negotiate extra space from the campsite as demand was so strong.

Q. Anything you would have changed about what you did at any of the races?

A. We learn things from each event we run and aim to feed that back into our planning for future races. One really nice thing that has happened is that we had been giving people their own barbecues and equipment but everyone just wants to sit together for the evening after the racing so now we just set up the barbecues out in the middle and everyone does their own thing. We just all sit around the barbies and chat about the racing.

Q. So your customers were pretty happy?

A. Yes they were. Sorry I know it sounds a bit like “sales speak” but it has gone so well this season. It’s given us all a real buzz for the future.

Q. What’s in store for the rest of the season?

A. We are running one more event at the Belgian F1 Grand Prix at Spa. That is nearly sold out, we have just a few spaces left from our allocation. The campsite itself has been fully booked for several months.

Q. I remember last time we spoke you were talking about extra races this season?

A. Yes we have been looking at that in some detail. We have been  asking our website visitors to let us know which races they were interested in to help us understand which races would be possibilities and have received some very interesting feedback.

Q. But nothing came of that?

A. Unfortunately not for this season. There were a number of problems to resolve, one of which was the logistics of ensuring we had use of a good campsite close to the circuit. That has not proved easy at European events. The UK is well set up for motorsport camping but Europe is a little different. However, our enquiries this season have borne a lot of fruit and we shall definitely be running more races in 2012 – F1 and MotoGP. How many will depend on the race schedules and whether we can fit them in.

Q. What else for next season?

A. Lots! I wish I could say more but there are loads of positive things happening at the moment and until everything is sorted I can’t say too much.

Q. How can people keep up to date with what is going on?

A. The best way would be to join our mailing list. They can unsubscribe at any time and we only get in touch when we have something of interest to say. Subscribers’ details are private to us and will never be passed on to any third party. People can also let us know what events they are interested in for 2012. What people tell us will influence what we do.

Q. Any photos of the events so far?

A. Here are a just a few:

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There will be loads more on our website in the near future

Q. It looks like they were really enjoying themselves

A. Yes it was great fun. A fantastic atmosphere and the beer always helps!

Q. Have all your customers come from the UK?

A. The majority yes but we have had customers from the rest of Europe and some from as far afield as Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Russia!

Q. So how would you sum the season so far?

A. Excellent. It has exceeded our expectations and the customers have been fantastic! We feel we are building a lot of momentum with our service and there’s lots more to come.

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