V8 Supercars – IRWIN Tools Brings Joy To Cardwell Primary School Kids

July 8, 2011

V8 Supercars

Over 100 Cardwell and Kennedy State School children and their families spent today away from their cyclone ravished towns and got to enjoy the Sucrogen Townsville 400.

After months of tiring rebuilding, IRWIN Tools organised for the kids and their parents to spend a day away from reality to take in the sights and sounds of V8 Supercars racing.

Students arrived at Cardwell State School early this morning and were decked out in their own team uniforms, but before their departure they got a surprise when IRWIN Racing’s Alex Davison arrived in a helicopter, touching down at the school’s oval.

Davison spent an hour signing autographs and was given a tour of the school, before heading off to the V8 track.

When the two buses of excited kids, and perhaps more excited parents, arrived at the track, Davison spent some time with them in the Orrcon Steel Racing corporate suite before driving his Ford Falcon.

The Mayor of the Cassowary Coast Regional Council, Cr Bill Shannon, said that today’s visit to the V8 track was an “uplifting” experience for the small coastal North Queensland town.

“There are about 35 adults and 65 kids, all having a wonderful day, you can see that by the looks on their faces,” said Mayor Bill Shannon.

“Everyone is saying how good it is to get away from the devastation that they are surrounded by.

“It’s been very hard, I’d say up until two or three weeks ago we were still doing it hard but there’s been a change helped by some fine weather and the fact that there are a lot of tradies working very hard.

“The vegetation and ambiance of the place still has a long way to go before it is back to normal, so it’s been uplifting to be away from that for a short while.”

For IRWIN Tools, the day was about the kids and helping rebuild the town.

“We saw a boat 200 metres in from the beach, in the middle of bush land, and the damage to the town; only then do you realise what the winds must have been like,” said IRWIN Tools Asia-Pacific Vice-President Nick Pritchard.

“When you see the battering that Cardwell got, it’s amazing that these guys are so far down the road to recovery.

“For IRWIN Tools it’s nice to do something, communities like this really need that support from a lot of different places.

“Today we decided to do something for the kids, it’s really important; they have been really affected by this.

“To see so many smiling faces with a BBQ sausage in hand, enjoying a soft drink, is really nice to see.”

Apart from giving the town kids a day off, IRWIN Tools also presented the town with a gift of $2000 worth of tools.

“It’s a small contribution, the guys will use them the best way they see fit,” said Pritchard.

“For the tradesmen helping re-build Cardwell, we hope it’s helpful.

“We said from the beginning that we wanted to help for the long term, this recovery will continue for a long time, if we all pitch in then that window of recovery is as short as possible.”

Looking after the army of Cardwell and Kennedy Primary School kids is Cardwell school administrator Denise Walton.

“After the cyclone it took time for the recovery to start but it’s starting to progress rapidly now,” said Denise Walton.

“We see lots of builders, we see lots being done.

“Everything was wrecked or destroyed; we had to start all over. Once the school is fully repaired it will be a great place.

“Q-Build has been fantastic getting all the workmen in and they worked so fast to get things cleaned up.

“We’re getting there, but a day like this were the kids and their parents have had the opportunity to get away from it all has been wonderful.

“I think the kids are having a ball, but I think the parents are having even more fun.

“They don’t see this sort of thing very often, so it’s great for them to be able to experience it.

“I can’t thank IRWIN Tools enough. Thank you so much.”

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