V8 Supercars – Potential Unfulfilled For Kelly Racing In Darwin

June 19, 2011

V8 Supercars

Kelly Racing has shown potential but left Hidden Valley Raceway frustrated following the SKYCITY Triple Crown in Darwin, Northern Territory this weekend.

Pepsi Max Crew driver Greg Murphy was the fastest of the team’s four Commodores in qualifying on Saturday, fourth fastest in qualifying and then eighth in the Top 10 Shootout.

On track for a top 10 race result, the Kiwi ace was caught up in a late race incident involving the leaders, dropping him to 12th place.

Following his Saturday form, Murphy could only manage 22nd place today, caught a lap down in the closing stages of the race during the pit stop cycle.

David Reynolds qualified in 13th place on both days in Darwin, but was crashed out of contention in both races when on track for a strong top 10 finish.

Reynolds’ #16 Stratco Commodore made contact with the damaged car of Jason Bright early in Saturday’s race. Then in today’s race Reynolds was the innocent victim of a clash between Steven Johnson and Russell Ingall.

Shane Van Gisbergen won today’s 69-lap race ahead of Craig Lowndes and Mark Winterbottom.

The seventh event of the 2011 V8 Supercars Championship is the Sucrogen Townsville 400, held at the Townsville street circuit in Reid Park on July 8-10. 

GREG MURPHY – #11 Pepsi Max Holden Commodore:

“It was a very confusing day,” said Greg Murphy.

“Just when you think you are starting to possibly start to understand what is going on, you have a day like today.

“It doesn’t make much sense. Yesterday we qualified fourth, we went out in qualifying today with the same car set-up pretty much and it felt completely different and we were unable to do the job.

“In saying that it was still good enough for a shot at the top 10 in qualifying today. I just didn’t get the lap together that I needed to.

“But the race was just a shocker. Not in my wildest nightmares would I have thought we were going to have a race like that.

“I’m very perplexed, as are the whole team. We’ll work hard to fix it for Townsville.”

DAVID REYNOLDS – #16 Stratco Holden Commodore:

“It was a pretty average day,” said David Reynolds.

“13th in qualifying was about the same as yesterday. We were the fastest out of our four cars, so that’s not too bad, but we were all about the same.

“I got a good start in the race and made my way through a few people. My car didn’t have as much pace as some other blokes so a few got past me.

“I got caught up in Ingall and Johnson’s mess and that turned me around and ruined my race. I was up the back then and was struggling. I tried to catch people but by then my poor Stratco Commodore was cactus.

“My car was ‘racey’ enough to be in the top 10 today but once you get pushed to the back you have to be really good to get back to the front. We were just saving fuel, driving it conservatively to look after the tyres and things were looking good.

“The car looked after its tyres better than it ever has today so that’s something to take out of today.”

RICK KELLY – #15 Jack Daniel’s Holden Commodore:

“There are a lot of guys that have been up the front this year but are also having really inconsistent race form,” said Rick Kelly.

“Unfortunately we are one of them.

“If we could have even just a solid run at every round we would be laughing, but it’s obviously not possible at this point.

“With the soft tyre and where the category is at it’s tough to be consistent.

“Today as a team we made some mistakes on the run and unfortunately those two reasonably major mistakes were just a bit of a timing issue with pit stops and so on, and some oil on the track, and they both cost us.

“After the first mistake we managed to get back into the top 10 and then putting the softs on that early made us slip back to 20th.

“We were third in the points yesterday after the win and today we’ve slipped a spot. Fortunately a few of the guys that we are hovering around in the championship also had bad races.

“Looking to Townsville it’s traditionally been a tough round for us and we can’t have that this year.

“We have to go there and get good results so that when we do go to tracks that we are good at like Phillip Island we can really capitalise on it and make good ground in the championship.

“It’s not ideal to have days like today. We need to fix the things that went wrong and get on with it.”

TODD KELLY – #7 Jack Daniel’s Holden Commodore:

“It’s been one of those weekends again,” said Todd Kelly.

“We really didn’t get the car right up until this morning and in qualifying my Jack Daniel’s Commodore was a lot better.

“Unfortunately I got held up on my best lap and it put me back to almost exactly where I started yesterday’s race.

“In the race today the car was really good. I was happy with it. I got in the wrong place a few times, got run wide and lost a few spots. Each time I settled back down and had a lot more pace than the cars around me.

“We were in a pretty good position when we came in to bolt the soft tyres on. We were in with a really good chance of getting well into the top 10. Then things turned pear-shaped.

“We had a drama with the spike on the car and a drama with the left front wheel. It tore all the drive pegs out of the upright so we had to park it.

“It’s not the best to add another DNF to our season. It’s the last thing we needed.

“I remember asking as I drove out of the pits what had happened in the pit stop and if the guys were alright. Aaron didn’t actually talk to me and all the guys were standing there waving me out.

“It wasn’t until after the race that I was told why – he got hit in the helmet and it knocked his microphone into his mouth. It’s lucky. It goes to show how dangerous it can be if the slightest thing goes wrong.

“At least the car is straight. Other than a few drive pegs missing off the front of the car it is in pretty good knick to go to the next one.”

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