V8 Supercars – New Colours For Murphy & Pepsi Max Crew In Perth

April 27, 2011

V8 Supercars

Pepsi Max Crew driver Greg Murphy will sport new colours at the Trading Post Perth Challenge in Perth this weekend. The #11 Pepsi Max Commodore has received its first livery change for 2011, with a design by Sydney-based tattoo artist Jeremy Hession debuting in Perth with a new darker look featuring black, grey, yellow and blue.

– Fans that think they can top the two liveries already served up by the Pepsi Max Crew this season can enter the ‘Skin It To Win’ design competition, with the winning livery to be featured on the #11 Pepsi Max Commodore of Murphy and co-driver Allan Simonsen at the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 on October 6-9. Visit http://www.skinittowin.com to enter

– Stratco Racing driver David Reynolds returns to Barbagallo Raceway in Perth, Western Australia with a point to prove. In his V8 Supercars Championship rookie season in 2009 the Albury-born driver was leading the Saturday race and on-track for his first main series podium until a loose wheel nut ended his chances

– Jack Daniel’s Racing driver Todd Kelly heads to Barbagallo keen to emulate his form from the V8 Supercars Championship’s last visit to the 2.4-kilometre circuit back in November 2009. The Saturday race of that event saw Todd Kelly finish in second place, scoring his first podium finish for Kelly Racing

– The ITM400 in Hamilton, New Zealand a fortnight ago was just the 31st V8 Supercars Championship event for Kelly Racing, also the best event yet for the team. The stats tell the story:
* first V8 Supercars Championship race win (Rick Kelly – Saturday)
* first double podium (Rick Kelly 1st and Todd Kelly 3rd – Saturday)
* first all Kelly Racing front row (Rick Kelly 1st and Todd Kelly 2nd – Sunday)
* first time three Kelly Racing cars qualify in Top 5 (Rick Kelly 1st, Todd Kelly 2nd, Greg Murphy 5th on Sunday)
* first time three of the four Kelly Racing cars qualify in top 10 on both days (Rick Kelly 3rd, David Reynolds 7th, Greg Murphy 8th on Saturday and Rick Kelly 1st, Todd Kelly 2nd, Greg Murphy 5th on Sunday)

– Todd and Rick Kelly scored yet another podium over the Easter weekend, finishing second in the Under 6 Litre class of the Mildura 100 water ski race. With Rick at the controls of the V8 powered ‘Mojo’, Todd skiing and father John as observer, the Kellys turned in yet another successful performance 

DAVID REYNOLDS – #16 Stratco Holden Commodore

“New Zealand was an unbelievable weekend for the whole team,” said David Reynolds.

“It shows that we are going in the right direction with our cars and we are now all talking the same language in terms of car set-up.

“It’s really, really positive – we just have to carry this momentum into other rounds.

“We all need to feel good about what happened in New Zealand even though the results were not as strong on our side of the garage, because the speed was there for us as well.”

On Perth 2009 where Reynolds led the race and was on-track for his first V8 Supercars Championship podium until a loose wheel nut in the final laps ruined his chances …

“I remember that race quite vividly,” said David Reynolds.

“It was all happening too easily for me and then it went so, so wrong so quickly.

“It’s been the story of my V8 Supercars career to some extent – everything goes wrong!

“Hopefully one day it all goes right for me. It has to turn around eventually.

“I had a fair bit of pace on both hard and soft tyres at Perth in 2009. What put us to the front was that we had really good strategy and running the soft tyres in the Saturday race almost came off, but the wheel nut rattled itself loose with about four or five laps to go.

“I’m not a superstitious person but I think I might have to be soon. My luck has to change eventually.

“Hopefully our Stratco Commodore is really fast at Barbagallo so I can get a great result and move on from the memory of 2009.

“In terms of luck and karma, I think that track owes me one.”

GREG MURPHY – #11 Pepsi Max Holden Commodore

“Barbagallo is a different track with a very low grip surface,” said Greg Murphy.

“It’s very different to what we have been racing on at the last few race meetings, so it’s a whole new ball game.

“It’s critical to get on top of that type of track and that type of surface as quickly as we can in practice to set ourselves up for the weekend.

“We have four cars that have shown some really good pace lately, so we can all work together on finding the best car set-up.

“I’m hoping we can take what we have already done and continue to improve over there and continue to get some great results for the team as a whole.”

On the new livery of the #11 Pepsi Max Crew Commodore …

“It definitely has a different feel to the original livery with more dark and urban colours at play,” said Greg Murphy.

“We divided opinion with the first livery and I hope we do the same again – that’s a big part of what the Pepsi Max Crew stand for.

“I’m looking forward to getting behind the wheel this weekend as we’ve started to pick up some good form over the last few races.”

RICK KELLY – #15 Jack Daniel’s Holden Commodore

“It’s great to go into Perth second in the points but every single person in our team knows that there is a huge amount of work that lies ahead,” said Rick Kelly.

“The older car that we used in Hamilton is as good a chassis as we’ve got, even though the newer chassis is a little nicer in a few areas. As you could see, it handled really well all weekend painted up as my Jack Daniels’ Commodore in NZ.

“It was great to drag it up the front where it belongs – now we just have to keep it there over in the West.

“We are as confident as ever leading into every track now. Our cars don’t favour one type of track in particular and neither do our drivers.

“The challenge now is to roll the cars out of the truck and be fast straight away at every single track we go to and to continue to work hard to get them going even faster.”

On improved car speed in 2011 …

“The racing side of the business has definitely turned the corner,” said Rick Kelly.

“Todd and the guys in the engineering department have been making really solid decisions, well though out ones and decisions that take the future into consideration

“That’s starting to pay off now and all the drivers and cars in the team are starting to see the rewards of that.

“We’ve still got a bit of a way to go. In the dry on the soft tyre we can’t keep up with some of the other cars. We are only around fifth on pace.

“We still need to work on that and we are busily working on that. Based off how they have been able to take us from 15th to fifth I’ve got no doubt they can take us from fifth to first.”

On sitting second in the championship points …

“We’re stoked to be in second in the championship,” said Rick Kelly.

“We’ve printed out those points to enjoy but if we sneeze we are going to go back to eighth.

“So that’s why it’s really critical now, and everyone needs to see the importance of this internally, that we need to go out and get a top three or top five result in Perth to really start to cement ourselves in the top three.

“That is what’s important now. Nothing else is as important as that. We’ve enjoyed the race win, we’ve walked around high fiving each other and now it’s time to turn that off and cement ourselves up there. That for us is absolutely critical.

“I think winning a championship this year is a tall ask for us and where we are. But if a few other teams continue to have the year that they have had as far as up and down results go, we could win it. It’s as simple as that. We could win this championship in our third ever year and we need to focus on that with all of our energy.

“The first step of that is starting to cement ourselves in the top three and that’s what we need to get from Perth.”

On taking confidence from the team’s first win …

“The win has given me and all the guys a lot more confidence,” said Rick Kelly.

“The whole race weekend in New Zealand was very tough and they did an extraordinary job in all the situations that got thrown at us.

“That’s going to be really good in Perth. In saying that I don’t expect to go to Perth and beat everyone by the straight length.

“It’s going to be tough and we still know that we’ve got some work to do to catch a couple of the other guys. But as usual we are prepared to do it.”

TODD KELLY – #7 Jack Daniel’s Holden Commodore

“I quite like the track at Perth,” said Todd Kelly.

“It’s quite flowing and enjoyable to drive when you’ve got a good car underneath you.

“I can’t see why our cars wont suit that place given all the improvements we’ve made to all of our cars this year.

“Last time we were there it was a little like New Zealand for me – I scored my first podium for Kelly Racing on the Saturday with second, then on Sunday we just about wrote my car off.

“I’m just really pumped to get over there and see where we end up given the progress we have been making and all the hard work the team has been putting in.

“We have given the Lincoln Welders a bit of a hiding over the past few events from making repairs to cars and welding everything back together.

“There was quite a lot of damage to my #7 Jack Daniel’s Commodore after Hamilton and it was a very hard hit in the driver’s side.

“The guys have put in a huge amount of hours to have my car finished off before Easter. It’s been a big month or so for them so I’m glad that they get some time off while the truck travels over to Perth.”

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